Did you know that the human body is a self healing, self regulating organism?  The system that organizes and coordinates all of this healing and regulation is called the Nervous System.  This system needs no help from drugs and/or surgery, it simply needs no interference. 

We call those interferences 'subluxations' and it is a Chiropractor’s job to detect and correct subluxations using a chiropractic adjustment, restoring the communication between the brain and every other system in the body. When you are free from interference, your body goes to work healing and regulating itself.  What comes next is the ultimate expression of your innate potential.

Pregnancy, infancy and childhood are crucial times of life when full expression of this potential is of utmost importance. At Whole Mama Collective, we are focused on these critical life phases and aim to support optimal health through Chiropractic and other complementary health therapies.